These are Words I have received in faith from God.  They are arranged in chronological order by date though they are not guaranteed to transpire in any particular order.  Beside each date a brief description may be offered.  Take these under advisement to pray and seek Him.  The Management assumes no responsibility for action taken or any failure to act.  You are in God’s hands.

Near the peak of the National housing market boom in 2005.  This word was given to me.  It took a couple of months of deep agonizing prayer for it to be birthed, earning it the name Pregnant.

This can be seen two ways and should.

The fullness of debt will be due in sort order.

Emotional affair with idols.

Money, Trust and the Bride

Ready for her to return as she feels your pain and sorrow breaking on the land.

A strike at your system of exchange.

What would I need to send to my bride?

Once again I will overturn the tables of the money changers,... is this a house of prayer?

It is the flood of Noah, the famine of Joseph, and Malachi's fire and it will overtake this land.

I am going to turn the tables, I am calling you out now.

Drop the walls of doctrinal divides at the door of Unity in the Son.

What Systemic Economic Collapse delivers to your door.

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

"You can not Google My Spirit".

I seek to ignite My church, yet you desire a controlled burn.


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