WAB or CUJ (k-oŏ-əj)


Learn to speak soundbite.  It was something I heard God say in the earlier days of faith.  It was a foreshadow of today’s world of text’s and tweets given about 20 years in advance, but also useful in the moment of hearing.  Learning to be clear and concise in the articulation of any point of view or thought in a sentence or phrase is valuable any day.

Now that the whole world is speaking soundbite billions of times a day it seems we have entered into a huge downside of loosing the ability to expound on anything beyond 70 characters or find any worth in something that takes 50 times that amount to make a point.

Having already exceeded [EDIT: 1.3] 2.5 tweets to explain this, I will exercise what I was told to do while simultaneously flowing with the current culture of the byte ballet.  Here is a little soundbite for the offing.

If you W.A.B. you will not C.U.J.

TRANSLATION: With, After or Behind the leading of the Holy Spirit you will not Condemn, hold Unforgivingness or Judge.

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