Trumpence and the Hidden Call Of God


It was given to me by God early in the election cycle that Donald J. Trump was to be the next President of these united States.  Needless to say, as I stated this fact, I was met with all kinds of reasons why God would never pick a man like Trump, yet He did.  This missive comes as an overflow of great hope and moreover a deeper need and call to the people of God to respond with understanding to His sovereign move.  There were many things wrapped up in this election cycle that quite frankly, were missed.  The winner notwithstanding.  By His unction I seek to share what I believe slipped notice and how the calling to His people has been divinely confirmed in very subtle and hidden signs.

As it is in the scriptures God doesn’t always… matter of fact, He rarely, picks the individual or methodology we think best for His purpose.  Go figure?  The Truth is many times we come away scratching our heads asking, why them?   It feels like a doctrine wallop for sure, that in the end, proves that it is by His Spirit.  Indeed, He can choose to insert a prostitute into the lineage of the Savior of the world… and he did.

So it might be good to come to rest with some facts about His choice in this election to assuage our human reasoning and biases.  It was not for Trump’s coiffure, scholarly biblical knowledge, eloquence of speech or delivery that God chose him.  It wasn’t for his political experience or correctness, nor was it for personal holiness. For all elections and choices of God would cease on that clause alone.  It was but for the simple understanding that lawlessness and injustice must come to an end or freedom and liberty will be destroyed.

This was what he shared in his RNC acceptance speech:

I have no patience for injustice. No tolerance for government incompetence. When innocent people suffer, because our political system lacks the will, or the courage, or the basic decency to enforce our laws, or worse still, has sold out to some corporate lobbyist for cash I am not able to look the other way. And I won’t look the other way.

I wonder if he knew the scriptures have a few things to say about God’s view of injustice and protection of the innocent or adherence to a moral code of law?

Make America Great Again?  In the natural it was a statement about things like a return to our Constitution and the rule of law, restarting a manufacturing base, bringing jobs back, and no more “affordable” health care!  Good stuff on it’s face and God has placed these purposes in his heart for the sake of the people.  But like a parable, where spiritual understanding is embedded in a natural message, God has opened my eyes to see that, “Make America Great Again” and it’s surrounding circumstances, are a call, back to Him. But be aware, it’s wrapped around a dire warning and a deep need for a response.  It is for him who has an ear to hear.

To the aware observer it was stated many times  throughout his campaign that the rebuilding of our broken down infrastructure was going to take place.  A mirror of the work God does in the hearts of men.  As a builder myself and subject of His heart work I’ll share this little bit of insight.  Rebuilds always require tear downs and a clearing away of the debris first.  It is and always will be a messy but unimpeachable task.

The constructs of the call and design to Make America Great Again contain a returning to the foundation and a new work held out to us, involving the tearing down and rebuilding of our infrastructure.  Is it just roads and bridges or is His Spirit asking for us to allow Him to probe deeper?  What is the infrastructure of America’s greatness?

Natural connotations noted, “Make America Great Again” is God’s spiritual call to those with ears to hear and He trumpeted that call through a most unlikely character. Perfect, I think.

The Spirit of God has been calling for repentance from His people for more than 5 years that I am aware of and this election has hastened that call.  In God choosing Trump and putting the campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” into his heart, He has hidden His fulcrum and wedge to His purpose.  He is setting the scales between His Kingdom and the call of His people and the kingdom of this world and it’s darkness.  In light of uncertainty, I will expand on what He has shown me about the spiritual side of this “parable”.

Given that nothing happens in this world without the Sovereign Lord signing off and ordaining it, and moreover, nothing of God is even understood in this world without him revealing it by His Spirit.  What is the likelihood of two men being put together under a mandate to “Make America Great Again”,  to return to our foundation and to rebuild our infrastructure, that when the letters of their last names are torn apart and reassembled you get:


In rebuilding their names we hear a phonetic resonance, the indispensable quality of God’s Kingdom and call to mankind.  Repentance for the Kingdom of God is at hand.  I was dumbstruck when He first revealed this to me because it mirrored the exact word I have heard Him speaking to me for all of these 5 years.  This is a sign and a confirmation of His calling “subtly trumpeted” to those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying.

God is sovereign and there is no such thing as a coincidence.  He is also a very detailed God.  So let’s look a little deeper into the natural outcome of these re-scrambled letters and ask a simple question. What is the missing coefficient, that constant quantity multiplied or divided into a variable like “Make America Great Again”?

We hear a sound like the first call of Jesus as he walked the earth and what the Holy Spirit has been saying ever since, but there is something lacking in our understanding.  It sounds like the word from God, yet by His design, it is missing something in it’s natural appearance.  That coefficient, that constant quantity and foundation of all forms of greatness.  It is missing the “A”.  It is missing “The Alpha”.  It’s missing the beginning, The Word.

TrumPence is a sign, the last sign? of the call to repentance, to lay our broken infrastructure before the Alpha and ask for forgiveness, for the greatness of His Kingdom to be rebuilt in us.  If there is any hope to “Make America Great Again” it will founded on God in whom there is no shadow of turning and no shades of grey.

God has picked a man who has pledged to enjoin with the people of America for greatness. At the same time God has hidden a call for anyone who will listen to enjoin with Him in repentance, God’s greatness for His people.  Is there a people who are going to respond to the call?

In a very unique way, God’s call to repentance has been identified and confirmed, at least to me and we will never be wrong in that state.  It has been exposed and we can now uncover what this call is wrapped around.  As a foreshadow of understanding, consider these not so American statements Jesus made as he walked the earth seeking to expose God’s Kingdom.

– Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.

– Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.

– I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener.  He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.

There are many more statements like these to be found, for this is the essence of God’s Kingdom.  In that Kingdom that He asks us to pray, come; death and destruction of the infrastructure always precede His creation of the new or reclamation and restoration of the old.  Always!  Do we pray Your Kingdom come?

Please, understand how close yet cosmically deep God’s hands are into the manifested circumstance of this 2016 election and how much He desires us to come along with Him through it.


Both Hosea and Isaiah said it is for the lack of wisdom and understanding that the people of God are destroyed and or exiled.  We are this people before exile and if we would choose to destroy ourselves in repentance first, greater wisdom could be gained and the outcome better understood.  God is driving a wedge into us seeking to separate and divide us for His purpose and as always an enemy is co-opting.

In days to come, this nation will move into destruction and exile of a different sort.  The iconic dollar will die.  The revelation will be that we are not the richest nation on earth, without conjecture, we are the biggest debtor on earth and to a large extent, we exist at the expense of another.  The greatest among you will be servant to all.  Yes, soon.  We are already in chains and bound, though like Scrooge, who looked upon Marley in his visitation, the chains are not understood for what they are.  Our Nebuchadnezzar and exile to Babylon is bankruptcy.  Most lack understanding as to how or why this could even be so, but it is and was coming regardless of who held office, The difference being, one wouldn’t have been blamed and the other will be the scapegoat.  This season will prove to be a very, very, difficult transition with unspoken horrors as we search for, a real currency in trade with the world and what Makes America Great Again.

His Spirit bids we seek Him to “Make America Great Again”.  To follow Him into repentance, and the return to Him who is our greatness the “ALPHA”, our sole foundation.  TrumPence are a shadow and a sign to God’s eternal purpose and they will fulfill a natural call too.  God, in His sense of humor or in supply of our needs before we could even think or ask, has given us a billionaire real estate developer who has experienced a couple of bankruptcies and understands the art of a deal.  He will broker our failed financial future and God will seek to lead him in it and will broker his destiny. I pray his art acknowledges God.

Again, this election was a sovereign move of God.  It means the Word spoke it into existence for His purpose.  As He sat at the right hand of the Father it was willed to be so.  Many came together to agree in prayer that His will would be done.  Many begged and pleaded in the hope they were hearing Him correctly as He spoke Trumpence.  Now that it is done, many stand in rebellion, unrepentant, with acts of lawlessness and fight God.  It’s sad because they lack wisdom and understanding.

Exile is on the horizon and there is an open window of time (in sequestered duration), to seek out deeper understanding of our Father, to petition Him for ears to hear of His leading by the Holy Spirit and to enter into our war rooms to do battle with Him on behalf of the Kingdom of God.  Daniel? Do you have a window that faces towards the Kingdom of God in exile?

It is and always has been for Him who has ears to hear and our sovereign God is going to turn up the volume just a bit for the impaired.  Do we have war rooms?  In repentance, do we seek to enjoin with Jesus who sits at the right had of the Father and intercedes for us?  He’s praying His Kingdom come are we in agreement?  His Spirit is speaking His words are we listening to what He is saying and repeating it? Seeking, asking, knocking for the understanding?

This election was a call, with a warning and a need for response.  Choose wisely, with understanding and go Make America Great Again.

2 thoughts on “Trumpence and the Hidden Call Of God”

  1. Your words of revelation are speaking the prophetic words of truth as we see the death and destruction of the infrastructure happen first with the center, the heart of the blood of the nation and the source of pride of its ‘petro-dollar’. One quarter of the oil ( the blood of the life of the ‘economy’ is oil ) refined to produce gas, diesel, heating oil, jet fuel, etc., is in Houston area and Harvey first has crippled and next, Irma and the fires in the west burning out of control…
    The prophets have spoken of a third hurricane to hit D.C. With 20 ft. Water in the streets and also an earthquake in the west coast and (‘ an area not known for EQ’s ‘ )
    Thy Kingdom come Father, and ‘ Not My will but Your will be done’
    Not my will but your will be done.
    Not my will but Your Will be done.
    Thank You, Father for your repentance and your intercession through Him speaking to our hearts and leading us to lay down our life and allow You and Your Life to reign supreme and uncontested in each one of us, Your Son’s Body and bride.
    Thank you, David, I appreciate you my brother and thank you for being the source of Our Father’s blessing to me…or at least His conduit 😇
    Shalom, Thomas Nodoubt

    1. Thank You, Father for your repentance and your intercession through Him speaking to our hearts and leading us to lay down our life and allow You and Your Life to reign supreme and uncontested in each one of us, Your Son’s Body and bride.

      I like that Thomas!

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