The Golden Ratio


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Sorry to reiterate bad news but…

The Global Systemic Economic Collapse that was warned of back in 2005 and was continued to be warned of in greater detail as years passed, is upon us now and will continue to become visible as it escalates. The Reset has begun.

What? you don’t see it?  It’s like Anti Weather.  You know, that atmospheric condition that is just below the radar and a little beyond the cloud, yet traveling at crushing ground-speeds.  Like downdraft straight line winds, but with a force that would embarrass a midwestern Supercell thunderstorm as nothing more than a puff of smoke off a beggars lips.

I’m sorry if the 2007-8 Global Financial Crisis head-fake made you complacent, it was kinda like a Long Term Capitol Management redux.  Oh? You don’t remember LTCM?  Well?  Don’t worry, 2007-8 was only another drill.  Did you learn what you need to do in the event of an actual emergency?

Regarding the financial sphere the Hegelian Dialectic is at work on us right now and has been for generations.  Can you see it?  Do you know what it is?  It’s just like Anti Weather, you can’t see how fast it’s approaching or from what direction it advances from?  But it moves in and around us seeking to create a problem and shape the opinion of a response for a desired outcome.

And just like Anti Weather, you never hear your trusted advisors talk about it, nor is it ever forecast or framed in an obvious fashion for public enlightenment.  But it comes in this way: Problem, Reaction, Solution (P-R-S).  A manufactured, and I stress manufactured Problem that demands a Reaction, leading to the predetermined, again stressing predetermined Solution.  Throughout history this “system” has been used with great success to move and cull the herd.  But just like Anti Weather, few have seen it coming or if they did few were willing to stand against it’s tide and even fewer were willing to listen and make necessary adjustments for it’s arrival.

Here’s today’s Anti Weather forecast.

PROBLEM: Debt. Lot’s of debt.  A two hundred foot tsunami of debt.  Trillions and trillions of dollars of debt.

Like sheep, we have all been driven toward the pen of debt.  And whether or not you have any, those around you surely do.  Over time, some have seen with clarity the problem with this PROBLEM, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson were just a couple of them who stood against the tide.  The Constitution was even imbued with the tools to avoid this system of bondage.  This debt problem was authored for the sake of removing power, liberty, and freedom from the individual citizen, transferring it to the currently faceless Puppeteers.  The PROBLEM.

We were told that with “loans” we could get stuff now, why wait?  We were told we could acquire “assets” over time.  The whole world has bought into it and now holds about $237 Trillion ($237,000,000,000,000) and counting of these… uhhh? …assets?

I know it’s just more to think about at this point, but did you know when you make a deposit in the bank they look at it as a liability to themselves?  Do you wonder why?  At the top of the chain, they know the system is based on debt and the things we rent through debt are not assets until the debt is paid.  That’s why currency in the bank is a liability to the bank, because it’s not money, it’s debt they are holding for you.  But they make interest on that debt and over the centuries have converted that interest into real money and real wealth.  All the while playing along as if this debt thing is no big deal, saying things like, we’ll just grow ourselves out of it.  Hey? Good luck with that!

So many things about this debt issue have flown under the radar, gone relatively unnoticed beyond the cloud.  That’s because your trusted advisors are in on it and it pays them to not speak of these things.  There are too many things to get into to paint you a picture of this Anti Weather Debt/Currency storm we are being hit with right now and I am not going to fill in any extra information for you.  I need not prove this point because others have done it far better then I could.  Just know, we have had privilege that no other country has had during these last four decades and our affluence is a mirage because it is born of a fiat debt based currency and the fate of all of them over time has been a reduction to zero value.  FYI, they are ready for your REACTION to zero value.  Are you?

This debt has been assigned to us and the whole world has been enticed to take on this PROBLEM.  It was so subtle you didn’t even feel it, just like Anti Weather.

REACTION:  The authors of this debt problem are sitting in the wings, without debt or maybe with a few hundred million just to make themselves out as victims too.  They will act surprised and feign the tragedy of it all, but know this, they are holding real assets and real money just beyond the curtain at the back of the stage.  They’re watching, pulling a few liquidity levers now and again, pushing some interest rate buttons and waiting for their desired reaction.  As the world has taken on the weight of this debt and that slow interest rate leak, all the printed currency that has kept the boat floating is being syphoned off from the system (ie. less created currency to chase after more created debts).  This is causing the whole boat to sink, and they may throw out a life jacket or two (even a little more debt as salve to the insiders), but they need their desired reaction to the debt weight and slow interest rate leak, that will be a systemic crash, a currency crisis.  But just so you won’t despair in your poverty of a systemic implosion, they’ve given it a more palatable and uplifting name. The Reset.

Let’s just start over, shall we?

Damage from the seizing coagulation of debt flow will include some sovereigns, maybe one or two of the criticized (PIIGS), certainly some more corporations as we have already seen.  At some point, their own media mouth pieces will even begin to excoriate the plight of the millions of poor working stiffs who are suffering under the reckless debt failure of the PIIGS or some BIG bank or two and demand a fix, a SOLUTION for this outdated debt/currency market as it goes into a deep freeze with no help from the Anti Weather “Global Warming” currency printing.  Wait for it.

SOLUTION:  Like Mighty Mouse, the cartoon superhero of old singing, “Here I come to save the day!” trillions and trillions of dollars of debt have been pumped into the system to offer “perpetual patches” for those pesky leaks like the 1998 LTCM and 2007-8 MBS/CDS fire drills.  But any fool can see that the answer to a debt problem is not taking on more debt?

But you see? …they knew that already.

This has all been a grand performance to inspire a deeper reaction and to keep the sheep from being stirred too much by the wolf in the pen while everything else was moved into place.  Oh some screamed and scrambled and some were even devoured in the process of those “drills” taking place, but it was all patched up nice. No harm, no foul,.. right?

Now we have arrived at the point where everything is shifting and this P-R-S system has reached it’s destination.  The knee-jerk creation of more debt to bail out failed debt, is over.  The presses have stopped, the machines are being mothballed and the building is going to be left vacant.  The SOLUTION my good friend… is the actual emergency.  Were you not informed of what to do in the event of an actual emergency?

The shift for the herd will be from their debt pen to the slaughterhouse of forfeiture of all those “assets” they thought they possessed but were really only held as monthly payments.  The SOLUTION will be real money.  Look it up, God tells us what real money is in the bible, even your saboteurs know that.  All that interest they have charged the world at a current rate of $715,000 every ten seconds has been converted into that real money and those real assets.

The next part of this story is more like the topic of Anti Weather than the observable eviscerating debt magma pouring out of the erupting volcano.  The SOLUTION to the real emergency was seeded about 30 years ago.  We were given pictures to ponder and actual words to chew on.  Did you miss it?  Well, don’t feel bad, it was designed to be missed and tell you the whole story at the same time.  The caption read, “Get Ready For A World Currency”.  The picture showed us the fabled Phoenix Bird over a fire of all the paper currencies of the world.  You could say the bird was rising out of their ashes or you could say it was holding everything down in the clutches of it’s talons to ensure it all burned well.  Both might be perceived as correct.  Oh? …and the bird had a “Gold” medallion around it’s neck with and the inscription Ten Phoenix 2018”. Isn’t that now?

Now let’s employ repentance because to this observer repentance has been out of a job for far to long.  Repentance, the joyful, with, after, behind heart attitude God calls us to, so He can lead us to ponder and consider His words and impart wisdom and understanding to our hearts about Him and this world.

In repentance, He warned me of this unfolding event in 2005, at the peak of the national housing boom no less, when those delicious little 125% LTV debt instruments were being offered to the general public with no money down. Sadly, Blueples led to the debt pen and slaughter consumed those flawed financial instruments and were drowned.

So with full employment of repentance, the Spirit of Truth has led me to look at the insidious nature of the monetary wizards and their plan for a Phoenix rising from the ashes of all currencies, found on the January 9, 1988 cover of The Economist.

After reviewing it’s contents, symbols and all, He drew me to do some research and then run some numbers.  I have come away with some very interesting results that give credence to what He warned me of in 2005 and what we are about to experience regarding a Global Systemic Economic Collapse,….uhhh?  The RESET.

All the numbers don’t line up exactly to the hundredth decimal place, but a few ticks on either side when we’re dealing with trillions and trillions of dollars on the moving sea of humanity’s debt is miniscule.  After all they’re only monetary wizards not the Almighty God who speaks the word and it is exactly so.

First off, visually the cover is depicting all paper currencies, even the “almighty” dollar being consumed in the fire.  Hummm?  That might be a very sobering ponder stop without any further need of proof for this text.

The rising Phoenix bird is wearing a gold medallion about it’s neck, Smart bird?  The inscription on the coin reads, “Ten Phoenix 2018” and sports what appears to be the “golden ratio” symbol (ø).  Along with this current year and the date of publication, these were the elements used for the investigation He has led me on.

As we go forward with this, think about whether it is just a weird coincidence or a Hegelian Dialectic P-R-S systematic planned scheming, that comes into view as the numbers are tinkered with.  Stated more poignantly, just so you know, He has led me to believe these things were indeed planned and the numbers line up as strong anecdotal evidence.  With The Sovereign of the Universe, there is no such thing as a coincidence.

That magazine cover was published on January 9, 1988.

This year 2018 minus that year 1988 = 30yrs, easy enough?  Hey? We are doing well!  So let’s make our first extrapolation based on the understanding this is a P-R-S event.  This has been known and planned for thirty years.  It has taken 30 years for all currencies to become fiat as well.  But remember, we were all warned about the eventuality of these debt instruments being set on fire. See the picture?

The symbol for the golden ratio ø is expressed numerically as 1.618.  The golden ratio is also called the golden mean, the golden section, the divine proportion, the golden number.  I wonder why something that has descriptors like that was chosen for their little medallion?

Suffice it to say, it’s very interesting to see what this golden number does under the basic paces of mathematical application through addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with regards to other numbers derived from this years date, the cover and the date of publication.

The Phoenix rising from the ashes is the visual metaphor for the term that was released into the wild at least 7 years ago to my recollection and I believe was spun as an unnamed concept in late 2008.  The idea and the terms to describe are The RESET, Global RESET, Currency RESET.  If you look closely at all the currencies, you will see that there is one that seems to have greater representation in the fire.  “It” is the reason for a currency RESET, this Global Systemic Economic Collapse and then something new will rise from the ashes.  Hummm?  I wonder what that will be?

So let’s dig in and take those 30 years and divide them by the golden ratio 1.618. We get 18.54 years as a result,  That’s right about the same time we say children have become adults.  Fully “matured” as it were.  I wonder if there is any corollary?  1988 plus that 18.54 years is 2006.54.  In the credit/debt/banking world, what became fully matured around the time of 2006.54?  Think about it and we’ll get back to it in a bit.

This year 2018 – 18.54 = 1999.46.  What was really big in the credit/debt/banking world in the spring and summer of 1999?  Oh yes? Y2K  the “need for modernization” of the system.  The “Bug” as it was called was going to be a “shock to the whole banking system” because they all ran on old platforms that needed to be ‘RESET’, modernized to make the jump into the 21st century.

Y2K didn’t roll out as many thought, planes didn’t fall out of the sky, ATM’s still worked and banks didn’t close their doors.  But what the Y2K Bug did well was to plant the seeds of thought about a complete breakdown of banking as we knew it, a need for modernization and a reset.  It also did well as a useful tool to make fools of those who said the sky was falling.  Reactions are known for this.

Back to numbers.  When we take half the golden ratio .81 and add it to 18.54 we get 19.35 and some intrigue as to what we’re chewing on starts to build.

This year 2018 – 19.35 = 1998.65.

That year 1988 + 19.35 = 2007.35.

Asking yet another question, “What happened in the credit/debt/banking world around those times of 1998 and 2007?  (Final Jeopardy music)  Lo and behold, we find that these were Reaction – Solution periods for both the blow ups of Long Term Capitol Management as well as the Housing MBS/CDS Derivative vehicles.

LTCM was a microcosm, like the little sister, that was bailed out because it was smaller, more manageable and useful to the furtherance of the “Anti Weather” debt burden of the world.  It was also the first head fake of the bailout mentality.  Now what about 2007.35?  Well? that was about the time when the first cracks in the the Housing Debt Derivatives PROBLEM, uh?  the Credit Crisis began. They called it a Credit Crisis to throw people off the scent, but it was a really a debt implosion.  It was round two.  We could call it the bigger more “mature” sister of LTCM and because she was bigger it took longer to manifest and required more infusion of liquidity to “rescue”.  It also provided another opportunity for blueples to think there will always be a bailout, while being fleeced of their assets.  Smell the smoke, rising from the talons of that bird?

The LTCM bailout came from a group of the “BIG” banks.  But there were two banks that did not participate in the “rescue” of LTCM.  Those two, Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns were both sacrificed in the 2007-8 Housing Derivatives “rescue” authored and carried out by the BIGGER banks. Think there is no connection?  Think again.

Oh?, and I never stated what happened in 2006.54.  The date that we got from dividing the 30 years by the golden ratio, 1.618.  That was the time frame the “Big Sister” housing market, Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS), Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO’s), Credit Default Swaps (CDS) Over The Counter (OTC) Derivatives PROBLEM reached her “maturity”.  She became primed to give birth to havoc in the “credit/debt” world, just like LTCM years before.  It precipitated a great opportunity for more debt failure bailout money to be given to the perpetrators, while stealing from John Q Public.  Blaming him and “loose banking policy” for taking money that was offered that he realistically couldn’t afford.  REACTION – SOLUTION combinations can really pack a punch for the regular guy who is not paying attention or banks that didn’t play along in the first round.

OK?, so the numbers work out for the two prior planned debt failures and the head fake bailout actions.  Big deal huh?  So we can take 30 years and divide it by the golden ratio of 1.618, add half the golden ratio of .81 and end up on two periods of time that were significant for the credit/debt /banking world and give credence to the idea that we are looking right down the barrel of P-R-S set up.

But let’s put some “weirdness sauce” on top of that and take those two dates and subtract the older “little sister” date 1998.65 from the younger “more mature sister” date 2007.35?  Oxymoronic for sure, but what do we get?  8.70.  Well that’s a dud, isn’t it?  We’ll see.

But let’s review first:

2018 – 19.35 = 1998.65 The LTCM destruction/solution period

2018 – 18.54 = 1999.46 The Y2K “seeds for a need to modernize banking”

1988 +18.54 = 2006.54 The Housing MBS, CDS, OTC Derivatives Maturity)

1988 +19.35 = 2007.35 The Credit Crisis destruction/solution period

So you can see it in the numbers, both “solutions” were the failures themselves and came in years and close months that were the product of the 30 years divided by the golden ratio + 1/2 the golden ratio, 19.35.  I wonder if that is another one of them co-ink-eee-dinks that just might cast a little light on the next planned failure?

Move along people, nothing to see here…

So, by applying that “weirdness sauce” the taste of this whole cover picture becomes truly surreal.  Let’s see if you can stick with me as the following combinations of numbers are rolled out.

The difference of the 2006.54 (Housing derivatives  /debt saturation maturity) minus the 1999.46 (Y2K Systemic modernization reset) is 7.08.  7.08 represents the proclamation for the need of “modernization” tied to the “maturity” of the housing market derivatives controlled demolition. This is significant.  Conceptually, debt maturity plus a need for modernization seem to be lashed together as a single thought or action, with future implications.

Like Hey!?  When the full “maturity” of all the current derivatives that are written against the sovereign and corporate bonds is reached there will be a complete breakdown of the banking world with a need for a “modernization”, just like Y2K.  A RESET.

7.08 is also significant because when it is multiplied by the golden ratio of 1.618 the product is 11.46.  Another big deal, right?  But when that 11.46 is added to the 2006.54 “maturity” event, conveniently we get 2018 on the nose. That’s a direct hit of the date in the picture, on the gold medallion.  Isn’t that intriguing?  It’s almost validation.

Like the sauce?

The conclusion of this matter is going to be needed soon because serious strengthening and pouring on of “the sauce” is going to take place in this next section.  And I don’t think anything more will be necessary beyond it.  So, at that point I will try to let off the gas and relieve us all of further number crunching from that magazine cover.

But before I do, we’re going to look at these numbers and their combinations, all derived from numbers or symbols in the picture on the cover.  7.08 that we’ve already seen, 7.89 and the previously mentioned potential dud of a number 8.70.  But where did they come from?  How did we arrive at these numbers?  What does it mean?

Well as stated by Cypher in the movie Matrix, “It means buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy, ’cause Kansas is going bye-bye.”

7.08 is the difference between the debt “maturity” date of 2006.54 for the housing market and 1999.46 Y2K “the need for modernization” as stated before.

7.89 is the difference between the debt “maturity” date of 2006.54 for the housing market and the 1998.65 LTCM Bailout.

7.89 is also the difference between the 2007.35 Credit Crisis and the Y2K “need for modernization”. Interesting?  In sequence the 7.89 number looks like maturity, bailout, bailout, modernization.  That is the progression we are in.  The next one comes without a bailout.  Just modernization of the system.

8.70 is the difference between the 2007.35 Credit Crisis and the LTCM bailouts.

For clarity, here are those same numbers written out as equations with their headings to show how they are connected:

Debt maturity – Systemic Modernization Reset

2006.54 – 1999.46 = 7.08

Debt maturity – the Little sister LTCM bailout

2006.54 – 1998.65 = 7.89

Credit Debt Crisis / Big Sister Bailout – Systemic Modernization Reset

2007.35 – 1999.46 = 7.89

Credit Debt Crisis / Big Sister Bailout – Little Sister LTCM Bailout

2007.35 – 1998.65 = 8.70

Not too weird yet, right!? 3 numbers all derived from subtraction 7.08, 7.89, 8.70.  We can see 3 7’s (777), 3 8’s (888) a couple of 0’s, and a 9.

Like some chiles, when you stick them in your mouth, the heat comes on slowly, but when the flavor really hits, it hits hard. This “weirdness sauce” has a similar effect the longer you chew on these numbers. So, here we go!  Lets pour it on!

8.70 – 7.08 = 1.62 or (2 x .81)

1.62 is the rounded up number of the golden ratio 1.618.  Hummm?

So, 8.70 – 7.08 is 2 times .81 or 1.62.

Adding to that, debt failures have happened 2 times with bailouts and both are represented by the number 8.70  8.70 was derived by taking the 30 years and dividing them by the golden ratio 1.618 and then adding 1/2 the golden ratio .81.  Think maybe that symbol on the golden medallion has some meaning?

…and as the heat of the sauce increases, fears of swallowing escalate, yet hunger is not satiated.  So we take another bite.

7.89 – 7.08 = .81!

8.70 – 7.89 = .81!!

2007.35 – 2006.54 = .81!!!

4 separate equations equaling .81, half the golden ratio, solely derived from the cover a magazine called the Economist from January 9, 1988.  Using simple math, we came upon numbers that line up with major bank/debt/credit issues in the last 30 years and we are left with their admonition of a need to “Get Ready For A World Currency”.

OK?  Right about here you might do well to remove the term “coincidence” from your lexicon, because these numbers prove, there is no such thing.  Honestly, as I am being led to search these things out, I still have no idea what the deeper meaning is, but what I do know is things like this don’t just show up by chance, they are designed.  Obviously .81, half the golden ratio is an important factor in all of this or it wouldn’t show up in any of the equations much less these 4 that point to significant events in the sphere of banking and finance, stemming from depicted elements off the cover of a major finance magazine published 30 years earlier.

Before we move on, here is a simpler set of equations that might aide in the removal of that term from your vocabulary list.

10 * 1.618 = 16.18.  Both directly off of the gold medallion.

16.18 / 0.81 = 19.98 or 1998 or the year of the opening salvo of debt destruction through LTCM and the beginning of your training to believe there will always be a bailout.  Oh? and the three 8’s 888 minus the three 7’s 777 is 111.  111 * 0.81 = 89.91 or 1998 backwards!  Just sayin’.

There are many more numbers and sequences of numbers that prove uncanny symmetry between the items on the cover and real life financial situations that have arisen since it’s publication date of January 9,1988.  Enough so that you could believe the talons on that bird are actually holding all the paper currencies down in the emerging flames.  But there is one more piece that needs to be addressed, the Title.  The proffered need to, “Get Ready For A World Currency”.

If you’ve been paying attention, you are well aware of Blockchain or Bitcoin, the decentralized Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).  A cryptographic system, that self regulates and propagates per to per and simultaneously across the whole network of nodes.  It’s called a “secure system” for transfer of just about anything that can be digitized.  As stated in a Wikipedia post: cryptography exists at the intersection of the disciplines of of mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, communication science, and physics.  The applications of it’s use include electronic commerce, chip-based payment cards, digital currencies, real estate title management, legal, so called smart contracts, military and the list goes on.

In October of 2008 the first Blockchain was created 10 years before 2018.  Hey?, those two numbers are on the medallion!  I wonder if October 2018 is important?

Blockchain was born out of eerily similar circumstance to the 1988 Economist article. They we’re both spawned in the aftermath of major financial “PROBLEMS”.  Both within months of the events themselves, both with a sense of disdain for the situation that just occurred, the October 19, 1987 Black Monday Global Stock Crash and the 2007-08 “Credit or Global Financial Crisis”.

It is said Blockchain was “conceptualized” by a person or group of persons named Satoshi Nakamoto.  Doing research on this “creator” yields both surface obstruction and filtered tributaries of seemingly credible information that still restricts disambiguation.  So, for whatever the reason amidst burgeoning speculation, this TIME magazine “Person Of The Year” is a mist of an entity.  Whether real or made up, group or individual, it seems more of a distraction than a necessary component.  Compelling nonetheless.

But I was able to find some more elements to build a case of an orchestrated PROBLEM – REACTION – SOLUTION found in the 1988 “notification”.

The Blockchain software was released by “Satoshi” on the internet on Sourceforge on January 9, 2009.  That would be 21 years to the day from the World Currency admonition from the January 9, 1988 magazine cover and article. Wow?!!  That looks like perfect timing!

With 7672 days in between, and the symmetry of the 1988 article to the conceptualization and materialization of something described in the article, the odds of hitting that date on the nose by chance, seem to be highly improbable.  But the math employed for this piece is substandard for the cause of determination and further investigation and is yet another distraction.

So 70% of the way into our 30 year window to “Get Ready For A World Currency” Blockchain technology hits the internet wearing a Bitcoin mask.  If we hadn’t removed “that word” from our lexicon we could just pass this off as “one of those”, but alas, we are brave and will face the facts as they are and not as we would like them to be.

The 1988 article surmised this World Currency would have need for allowance and active promotion in the private-sector for a non-national means of financial transaction alongside the existing national parameters of exchange.  That’s exactly what’s going on right now.  Again, not going to do it, but what are the odds of text from a 1988 article with a prescription for a World Currency ending up as a physical manifestation in reality 21 years to the day of the prescribed?  …and over here we have bridges to the moon at very reasonable prices.

Read between the lines.  When someone holds the puppet strings in a P-R-S situation they can make illusions to the things they are going to orchestrate like the need for a couple of financial fails, a stock market crash or two, recessions and chaotic patch-ups as merely plausible due to governmental resistance.

This didn’t just happen this way, it was planned.

As of April 2018 there are more than 1500 cryptocurrencies in existence.  While blockchain is at the heart of most cryptocurrencies due to there derivation of the Bitcoin architecture, a crypto-currency just utilizes a cryptographic methodology. Cryptographic Blockchain technology is used by many and about 20 cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin use the SHA-256 algorithm created by the National Security Agency (NSA).  Cryptographic methodology is at the base of them all so we can ignore the color of the skin at this point, as is right and just look to the heart of the matter.

The Blockchain is just one type of Cryptographic technology that has been allowed to freely propagate in the private sector while the powers that be threatened, berated, marginalized and even mocked the concept.  Then to the amazement of those who thought this was a dagger in the heart of the Central Banking System, suddenly in the last couple years they have studied and investigated possible means of adaptation, uh, regulation and propagation of their own.  Looks like a Ponzi scheme to me?  NOT!  However, it does appear as if the Puppet Master has dropped in on the stage from behind the back curtain as if to say, ‘these puppets just might be on to something here’.  It almost looks like… the will of the people until you read the article and see it was forecast to be so.  P-R-S!  What is freedom again?

The convenient method of exchange has incentivized people to not only learn it’s operational parameters, but choose it for themselves as a more secure method of transacting commerce and payment across the street or across national boarders.  It is but another circumvention of national sovereignty as was called for in the article.  For countries like the US it’s just another brick in the wall circumventing the Constitutional mandate of Congress for the creation of specie.  But that was already done away with 105 years ago.

Cryptographic Blockchain technology has been allowed to grow up around us, just like “Anti Weather”.  The technology will continue to modernize and show itself to be anti-fragile to this planned fail of the national debt based currency system.  They act as if they are cautiously optimistic, fear the unknown or are somehow skeptical because of the lack of regulation.  But don’t waste a satoshi on that bet.  Like the pusher who gives you the first one for free, they are watching as the Cryptos catches fire with the public, who will continue to find it more convenient and their choice will demand more and outstrip paper and national sovereign currencies for the Puppet Masters.  The flames of that fire will be blamed on you!

Blaming governments, the sovereignty of states, national currencies and the cumbersome exchange rates between, the article points out that this will extend out beyond 2018.  But the word was for the solution to grow up alongside and the quicker this PROBLEM manifests the quicker the solution is needed.  It’s a moving target.

CAUTION!  P-R-S in motion, convenience is your krypto-nite”.

The planned estate that is pictured and promulgated in words from that magazine out of the dustbin of the 20th century are ironically here with us now.  We’ve covered all the elements pictured, but a written one still remains.  The biggest change in the world economy since the 70’s?”

GOLD!  Gold was kicked off the stage as the structural underpinning of value on Friday August 13, 1971 when Richard Nixon ended dollar convertibility to gold.  It was the cusp of one of the most monumental monetary decisions in world history, and set the stage for massive inflations, deflations, stock crashes, interest rate gyrations and the like decried 17 years later in the 1988 article.  Hummm?

The last pictured element of our readiness for a World Currency system, the gold medallion, is what will take Cryptographic Blockchain technology and Crypto Currencies in general and turn them into Crypto Money. The RESET.  After 4 decades of exile, Gold will reenter the stage as the anchor to sound money and commerce.  Of course your saboteurs have always known this was the going to be the case and have been storing plenty of this real asset.

The sinking ship of sovereign debt currencies and their corresponding “assets” will dance with zero value and the value of gold for buoyancy in the blockchain mosh pit of the RESET.  You can imagine for yourself what that will look like when the annual 600 Billion, 2/3rds of a Trillion dollars worth of goods and services are not hitting our shores anymore because real value can’t be determined just yet or no real value is available to satisfy the transaction.

But still it’s just like Anti Weather, right there in front of us, gale force winds and approaching with rapidity.  Nary a forecast coming from the trusted mouth pieces and there will not be until the approaching storm has begun it’s destruction and then it will be too late for most people.

I asked the question earlier, I wonder if October 2018 is important?  Black Tuesday was October 29th, Black Monday was October 19th.  Playing with the seemingly very important .81, I was led to probe the value of .81 of a year?  .81 of 365 days is 296 days or Wed. October 24, 2018.  October 24, 2018 is 11328 days past Black Monday October 19,1987  or 1618 weeks +2 days.

Wait a minute? 1618 weeks? 1.618 the golden ratio?

You have to divide 1618 by 1000 to get 1.618.  With the progressive nature of crashes, little sisters, then big sisters, one has to wonder will this one be 1000 times greater? Gee? with $237 Trillion ($237,000,000,000,000) dollars of debt, is multiplying by a thousand even big enough?

With a world of numbers awash in my mind, I seek to rip myself away from the continuing intrigue and uncanny symmetry of these numbers.  I wonder even more if October is important.  But exact dates are not the quest, the need is for seeing the scheming of the P-R-S and having a feeling for the season.  If dates line up exactly with corresponding realities attached like the prior…

Debt maturity – Systemic Modernization Reset of 7.08

And that 7.08 * The golden ratio equaling 11.46 + debt maturity equaling 2018.  The date on medallion

…bonus, but not the end game.  I don’t know if full debt implosion/saturation/destruction will happen around October 24, 2018?  1618 weeks and 2 days after Black Monday.  Maybe it will only be the ascension of Cryptographic technology entering into the banking structure.  And as stated earlier we’re dealing with trillions and trillions of dollars on a moving sea of humanity’s debt, adding that this debt machinery is controlled by others.

Understanding a season is far more valuable than a trying to pinpoint an exact date, just ask Jesus.  The question of October is birthed out of what He told me in April and May of 2005 about a Global Systemic Economic Collapse.  The feeling of the season continually came back as a time between the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice.  I would not be surprised at all if something huge and catastrophic took place during that time, like the lighting of the currencies and a feigned scramble for the SOLUTION as the bird holds them to the flames.

The PROBLEM is all the debt.  The REACTION will be the realization that minimal to zero value has arrived in paper currencies, because it is debt, not an asset.  In the REACTION zone determination of the actual value of gold will be made in accordance to all the debt it needs to sop up.  It may take a long while, maybe till Aug 15, 2020?  Why that date?  Here are the numbers.

8.70 * the golden ratio = 14.08

14.08 + the debt maturity of 2006.54 = 2020.62

2020.62 – 2018 = 2.62

2.62 = 2 yrs 226 days or Aug 15, 2020

Conveniently, August 15, 2020 also comes 49 yrs + 2 days after Nixon’s closing of the gold window.  There is so much debt, that after 2 years 8 months and 15 days of the gold mop up, a Jubilee might be needed to finish the job.  Noting the REACTION / SOLUTION hard spots that can be created for the regular guy, I could see debt forgiveness being exchanged for blockchain allegiance and labor to offset the debt.  The SOLUTION will have serendipitously arrived right on time, growing up right alongside this debt monster since 2009.  The financial wizards are saying, ‘cryptocurrencies can have a negative impact on demand for issued currencies in the future.  Gee? Ya think that’s the case?  They way it’s worded you would think they are scared, but the 1988 article prescribed such an occurrence.  This is their current stance: Central banks should be adaptive of the changing financial landscape brought about by cryptographic assets.

So, pulling back the P-R-S curtain at the back of the stage the translation would be: We have always planned on having central bank issued currency being negatively impacted and subsumed into non-national methodology of transaction.  To that end we are encouraged by your adaptation to this blockchain freedom we have offered you.

Projecting down the road.  It is said Crypto’s are secure and the lack of centralized control is why they have grown in popularity.  In the words of the famed Satoshi himself: The system is secure as long as honest nodes collectively control more CPU power than any cooperating group of attacker nodes.

PONDER STOP!  Is there a cooperating group or groups in existence that have more CPU power than all the nodes in existence?

Going on he said:

If a majority of CPU power is controlled by honest nodes, the honest chain will grow the fastest and outpace any competing chains. To modify a past block, an attacker would have to redo the proof-of-work of the block and all blocks after it and then catch up with and surpass the work of the honest nodes. We will show later that the probability of a slower attacker catching up diminishes exponentially as subsequent blocks are added

Of course the slow guys will fail to successfully hack the Blockchain, but what about the current probability of a cooperating group or groups that have exponentially more CPU power catching up, bypassing and front running those nodes?  He alluded to that reality.

The 1988 prognostication and current situation say one thing.  This is orchestrated.  Blockchain has not been let out into the wild without full confidence that a cooperating group or groups have exponentially more CPU power to manage it all.

We’ll see…

The SOLUTION, isn’t.  I believe it’s entrapment just like the debt pen.  Thinking outside the box on Blockchain and Cryptos in general I will leave you with this.  Because words mean things, I was led to break down these words by definition and the results were sobering. Think about this.

BLOCK: obstacle, bar, barrier, impediment, hindrance, check, hurdle, stumbling block, handicap, deterrent.

CHAIN: fetters, shackles, irons, leg irons, manacles, handcuffs.

CRYPTOS: a person having a secret allegiance to a political creed, especially communism, concealed; secret.  From the Greek, “hidden”

In a statement:

A person or persons of secret allegiance and a concealed secret created a technology disguised as a currency to be an obstacle, barrier and hinderance to liberty and freedom. While exclaiming freedom and ease of use fetters and chains were installed into the crypto as no one will by or sell without it or something really close.

Regardless of who pulls the strings today, the ensuing, Anti Weather storm has begun and it will end in a Reset of ALL values.  Your house, your car, your food, your energy, your entitlement, who you will trust and what money is.

In freedom under the sovereign God, I pray you will seek His counsel and ignore those who refuse to acknowledge and tell you the Anti Weather forecast.

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  1. The numbers and calculations you have provided should convince even the most determined skeptic that there is more than meets the eye in the global financial system. The agenda of the powers that be are only seen by the redeemed…If I’m understanding the gist of your post correctly David, I think you have proven that cryptocurrencies are the avenue for the “in play” one world currency which is fully controlled by the Beast and being implemented as we speak. Just as Trump appears to be one who speaks and stands for the people and gives the impression that he is against the establishment, so too is the cryptocurrency following the same. People who follow not the Spirit of the Lord Jesus are completely predictable and are easily led to the slaughter. In fact, they are deceived into pulling their own triggers. Help us Lord hear what you are saying to all who are willing to listen. October is right around the corner. Let us live in a way where we are prepared to live without money or the established currency as a means of exchange. I pray that we will be a part of the group who will not depend upon the Beast in order to buy or sell to eat. I pray we shall through our current tribulation training depend upon Him only who supplies our every need as the time approaches to resist taking the mark of damnation.

    1. Let us live in a way where we are prepared to live without money or the established currency as a means of exchange.

      Yes, living outside the established medium of exchange will be the last straw on the camel for many.
      I can only hope and pray there will be an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying in the coming season of our need.
      Thank you for your comments RB. 🙂

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