The Black Hole In The Sun


What a truly surreal and awe inspiring astronomical event!  We trekked to a location in the piney woods just WSW of the sleepy little town of Princeton, KY.  Sitting atop the Pleasant Valley Rd. overpass of Interstate 69, we watched and waited for The Great American Eclipse.

It would take 88 minutes for the Sun to transmute from a ball of fire with a minor obstruction on it’s limb at 2 o’clock to full occlusion.  A buzz of anticipation and enthusiasm began to wash over the crowd of around 50 to 70 as we drew close to twenty minutes past the one o’clock hour.  With just a sliver remaining, the cascading light of the sun began to turn pale and thin, colors seemed to go flat and depthless, as the murmur increased with the calls of the time and exclamations of these anomalies manifesting.

At 1:23.19 CDT the August 21, 2017 total eclipse of the Sun commenced on the Pleasant Valley Rd bridge.  The shadow began, approaching from the NW and for two minutes, forty point 1 seconds, we, the sojourners from many States stood in complete awe!  Amidst screams and cheers, hoots and hollers many exclaiming WOW!, Wow, look at that!.  One little girl could be heard exclaiming, in a near guttural shriek, “Ooooooh Myyyyyyy Gaaawwwd”!


In the ensuing moments the tenor of the assembly went from elation and exclamation to a near silent reverence and wonder as everyone tried to drink it in and get their head around what was being seen.  It can not be overstated just how surreal this event was.  At every turn this observer had to reaffirm that it was not CGI.  Around the black hole in the Sun, the corona raged with flares and prominences, maybe even CME’s, while the shadow outlined a 360 degree horizon rolling to the Southeast.  Light was everywhere BUT under this moon casted canopy.  Suddenly, Venus and I believe Saturn were visible in the Eastern sky and the temperature dropped, but only a little.  (Not as much as expected and experienced in other locations because HUMIDITY just can’t be licked by shade.)

Standing in the wonder and spectacle of a totally eclipsed Sun, it was easy to see why before God gave us understanding through astronomy that revealed what, when and where an event like this might take place, people would have feared it as a great and terrible sign to suddenly see a black hole in the Sun.  It is strange but true, that if we on the bridge had not known it was coming, we wouldn’t have seen it coming.  Before and throughout the hour and 28 minutes of transition, the moon was completely invisible in the sky to the naked eye until full eclipse and even then we wouldn’t have known it was the moon that had created the black hole in the Sun.  The Sun’s light only became noticeably strange and diminished in the last seconds and minute degrees of arc before totality.  However, the fact that we did know it was coming does not preclude that it was a great and terrible sign in the heavens.  This was truly a God moment in both the mesmerizing aspects of it’s visual display as well as it’s spiritual ramifications of judgement that have commonly been associated with a total eclipse of the Sun.  In 763 BCE at the time of Jonah’s call to repentance for Nineveh another solar eclipse passed right over that city.  They knew it was a sign of impending judgement from God and they responded with repentance at Jonah’s summons.  If only there were a response today to match theirs rather than doing what is right in our own eyes.

Harbingers of warning or judgements from God are given and repeated but without a heart of understanding and response from the hearer, in the twinkling of an eye, the black hole in the Sun just suddenly appears with no more time to prepare or repent.  Here is a nice little ponder stop for the aware observer.

It was on the 233rd day of the year that the Sun went black at midday.  It only took 60 + 33 minutes for it’s shadow that began in the 33rd State on the West Coast to traverse and exit the 33rd parallel on the East Coast.  33 days after the event of the light of the Sun being obstructed from view comes another great celestial event that has been named the Revelation 12 sign or the sign of the woman, due to take place on September 23.  What could it mean?

There is much talk about division at this particular time in our nations history.  I am asking the sovereign God if His splitting our country North from South is a sign of our behavior or His desire.  In other words, a sign to an odious and rebellious people who have rejected Him or a call from Him to a remnant to come out be separated from this people.  Surely it is both.  And not only was the country divided North from South with the path of totality it was also divided or split between our two geographic centers.  One marking the contiguous 48 united States at Lebanon, KS and the other marking the united States including Alaska and Hawaii at Belle Fourche (woman)(beautiful fork), South Dakota.  A split, with a reflection of the call, to the treasure of His heart, the Bride, leading His “woman into a beautiful fork” out from this world and it’s desires.   A division or separation that could not be any more precise or explicit as God does not orchestrate happenstance.

Can we say America has two centers?  Is she divided?  Is the Great American eclipse a statement that America is being blotted out?  Has the light of the gospel been obstructed because the Church is worldly or has the truth been blotted out because we are self-righteous?  Is division being recognized as present or is it being called for from the sovereign Lord to His Church?  Is this a sign to the fork in the road, come out from her, be separated?  This writer has been hearing the latter for years and it assuredly is, all of the above.

Everyone present knew the eclipse was indeed a radical event.  The screeching little girl nailed it, “Oh… my… Gawd!”  Indeed, it was an ominous sign in the heavens even if it wasn’t understood to have spiritual indicators attached to it by all the observers on the bridge.  Historically, the Sun has had a direct corollary to the Gospel, the Truth.  So again, I ponder the question.  Why at this particular time in HIStory would He send this sign, that was only visible in the contiguous united States, using the moon that He ordained as a “reflector” of the light of the Sun (gospel) for the purpose of illuminating the darkness of night, that with the same, blot out the light of the Sun at midday?

There is deep spiritual significance to this Great American Eclipse.  Just the synonymous terms for the title alone should provoke intrigue; Great American Obscuring / Blotting Out / Darkening / Decay / Weakening / Failure / Collapse, just to name a few.  It was nearly beyond words to observe and through it The Living Word is sending a message to this country and His Bride.  It is a sign of impending judgment and yet another merciful call to repentance.  There is no confidence in my spirit the American populous is on the road to repentance and that does not bode well for the outcome of the country.  Just observing some of the revelry associated with the eclipse should be a sufficient indicator. But far worse will it be for all concerned if the remnant of God does not follow on with the intercession of the Holy Spirit in a heart of repentance.

He is not counting our sins against us, but His desire is for all to follow, with, after and behind Him, heeding in consideration and understanding, the leading He brings through His Spirit in intercession.  But too much of what passes for the light of God is nothing more than a man centered package that is in the Lord’s way.  It is a blotting out of the light of truth, it is the reflector standing in front of it’s source of light instead of with, after or behind the first born among all creation.  The Light Of The World has just sent a sign in the great eclipse of the “Sun”, a metaphor of the truth to His remnant, while simultaneously warning of the eclipse of this nation who has broken unity with it’s foundation.

The light of day on August 21st gave no indicator of what was to come.  Everything seemed normal up until moments before the Sun’s luminosity turned strange, depthless and pale.  It was but a twinkling of an eye and suddenly the light to this world, the Sun was blotted out.  It seems imperative to seek, ask and knock for the understanding of God’s purpose in sending a shadow of division across this country, between the two geographic centers at this particular point in time.  The questions posed here are on track with His leading in the Spirit.  This is a dark and foreboding sign that has been sent to us who dwell in this empire and to those who are being called out of it.  It begs an answer to the question, “What are you doing with the sign of the black hole in the Sun?”

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    1. Glad to share as led by His Spirit!
      I pray the Bride can read the signs and respond to He who meets and presents himself unsought.
      May we have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the called out.

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