The Agony Of Creation

For days on end, from March through May of 2005, I had a dark foreboding sense of urgency and yet, very little understanding of it’s nature. At that time I had a feeling of great anguish and angst. Tribulation and suffering was on me, as if I were about to die. I wasn’t afraid because I knew it was the Holy Spirit revealing something to me and I went with Him.  

Most people don’t know why we moved to this State and settled on land out in the middle of nowhere. 

It began as a word from God. A radical, left field, word in the Spirit that had all the feelings of anguish and distress of the opening paragraph coupled with a vague understanding of a sure to come economic catastrophe. A Global Systemic Economic Collapse or [GSEC] as I was led to label it. An economic / monetary / currency war if you will, all swirling around the debt drain. If you look you might see the shadow of this mountain of debt.

I saw pictures in my spirit of devastation, death and suffering the likes of which I had never known. I spent the better part of 2 months on my face morning after morning before God, my spirit in travail, asking for understanding. From a distance, I thought those feelings and pictures were because of this mountain of financial hardship that God was saying would befall us.

But now, I’ve come to understand, those pictures would precede this debt disaster. They were a marker or sign that would trigger and carry through into this [GSEC]. Imagine if you will, looking into the distance as you are traveling and not being able to distinguish the foreground trees from the mountain behind. That’s how 2005 appeared and these are a couple of the nuggets from that time of tribulation I was led to write down:

APRIL 2005

The hot air that has fueled the world economy is being let out of the balloon.  

These are the birth pains.

Time is short.

Delivery is at the door of eternity.

Do you hear the agony of creation waiting for it’s vindication? 

MAY 2005

Do not expect things to be as they have always been.  

What has passed for normal is going to change in a radical way.  

You are not entitled to life as you have known it, [ouch]

I am going to shake the foundations of man and this world.

As we have seen, beginning in 2019 right up to today, things have already changed in a radical way, with the advent of a spike protein biological weapon disguised as a virus being unleashed on the earth. And the father of lies who was a murderer from the beginning deceiving the masses through a multitude of spoken lies and distractions to shroud it from view. While TRUTH tellers are being banned, silenced and de-platformed on alternate media and ignored by the complicit in the mainstream. Do you hear the agony of creation waiting for it’s vindication? 

What we are seeing today fits those pictures from 2005 with near perfection.

We have been driving 20 months through the trees that were in the foreground of the debt mountain I saw. The tribulation and suffering of souls has been magnifying and can now be plainly seen, it can’t be hidden anymore. Images of bodies writhing uncontrollably because of neurological impairment; blood lesions breaking out on people all the way down to breast feeding babies; parents inconsolable after loosing their otherwise strong and healthy children or giving birth to babies with blackened vacant eyes. These along with tens of thousands succumbing to the grips of death, after the jab. Tribulation and suffering? Feelings of anguish and distress? Yes, I feel that, I’m looking right at those trees with tears in my eyes.

The radical change in normal is here and the [GSEC] mountain that has been visible since the fall of 2007 is rapidly approaching. I can now see that the trees and mountain are connected but they did not arrive in the same space of time. The spike protein, COVID-19 is Currency Obliteration Veiled In Disease. It was manufactured and brought on to the scene as the vehicle of death and destruction and plausible excuse for the mountain of debt failure we won’t be able to get around because the whole world is infected with it.

It is also extremely ironic that the suffering of the trees is due to blood clotting while the mountain of debt continues to bleed out everywhere. The mountain is hemorrhaging debt failure and this will be seen by all. [see: debt derivatives market]

When the underbelly of this debt monster is revealed, I believe most will despise the “normal” they once knew because of the foundations of Rev 18 it was built on. They will gladly accept a “new normal” for transaction that doesn’t promote and capitalize on human pain, torture or suffering. [this calls for deep wisdom]

The debt bleed out began in 2007 as nothing more than a one time 800 billion dollar band-aide for the scab that was picked. Barely even noticeable on our travels toward all these trees. But now at the Federal Reserve it has grown into full hemorrhage. Through their “Reverse-Repo’s” they are transfusing up to $1.6 Trillion a night to keep the hemorrhaging debt derivatives stitched together.

1.6 Trillion!! A thousand six hundred billion dollars.

It’s this graphic and more than half again as much… 


Laws of math will prevail.

The hot air that has fueled the world economy is being let out of the balloon.

On the mountain we can now see 100’s of ships piled up outside the East and West Coast ports and this has been going on for many months. The containers of millions of U.S. goods and supplies sit idle at sea with no time of delivery in sight. 

Thousands of chassis for those containers sit idle.

Many trucks and other tools of delivery sit idle because their replacement parts are on those ships.

Retail shelves across the US are waxing empty because the goods can’t be delivered.

I wonder what those shipmasters are saying?

Not to belabor this, but during my 2005 experience, the time between the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice always loomed significant in relation to this [GSEC].

My spirit has been overwhelmed for weeks with the seriousness of this day and age we live in. The Father has pointed out the trees to me, given me His judgement and view of them and I have moved back into those unctions and feelings of 2005 because He’s shown me, they are right in front of me.

The Holy Spirit told me in March of 2009 to “Buy now what will be unaffordable later. Buy now what will be unavailable later.”  If you look, you will see “time is short”.

I’m willing to be wrong but, I’m not willing to ignore His initiative to say this. I don’t believe we will exit October without “THE” tectonic shift from “normal” as told to me in 2005 due to due to the debt mountain. Metaphorically, we’ll go to bed on a Friday night and we’ll wake up on a Monday morning to a radical shift in “normal” as the debt monster’s hemorrhaging is shown to be fatal. Shake the foundations of man and this world? Oh? Money?

Creation has already been groaning for months in anticipation, because what has passed for normal has changed in a radical way and no acceptable “normal” has arrived and frankly, still may not. We will live with the fruit of these trees for decades and the financial world as we’ve known it is going to bleed out to it’s death.

As was told to me back then, this season is akin to our Father trimming and cutting back His garden.

A stripping down, a nakedness.

The ease of what we have used in the past to comfort and clothe ourselves will be removed and trimmed back.

It will be a purification to the body and it will reveal our true trusts.

This calls for wisdom.

May we all have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to us right now.

Because only He can walk us through this time.

Fear not. But be wise as the serpent.


4 thoughts on “The Agony Of Creation”

  1. It’s going to be biblical.
    Always felt this approaching storm is akin to Noah’s flood. Noah prepared as God instructed and the rest were unaware until the floods arrived.
    Those that were in the boat were saved, a symbol of Jesus IMHO.
    Also to me this storm is akin to Hamans gallows. He built his gallows to destroy Gods people, but God.
    Regardless, it’s going to be biblical. Gods will MUST be done on earth NOW, as it is in Heaven.


    1. Started down this road in 2005 with the thought of Ark building. I’m not stopping, but I’ve realized the most treasured aspect of Noah is that he heard the Voice of God. He carried out the initiative of the Father. I see too many walking down the road of gathering the things of earth before inquiring of God for His will.

    1. 🙌 Escape or not, I want to be, to go and do as He leads. Harsh reality is that leading may be to a termination point on earth. Which is His way of escape. Narrow, me thinks.

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