PS 9

PS 9

In the garden, God gave no warning about the serpent, just the fruit of the Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil [TOTKOGAE]. This should trip your wires for what you think you know about God, repentance and His forgiveness of sin. If it doesn’t trip you up you are most likely still deceived in the guilt, blame and shame of that tree.

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  1. The fruit of that tree is death. The fruit of the other tree is life.

    Quit eating of the tree of death (precipitated by a lie), and repent (change your mind) and eat from the tree of life (precipitated by the truth).

    The one has guilt, blame and shame. The other has no guilt, blame or shame.

    I wonder if our cross we are admonished to take up daily, is choosing daily which tree to eat from?

    South Carolina, USA

    1. I see it as our cross.
      He sets before us life and death [Deut 30:19]
      And the first time God mentions dying is in reference to the fruit of that tree, the TOTKOGAE.
      I am convinced God’s command to “not eat” was an “eternal” command.

      I do not ascribe to repentance as “change of my mind for better” as the english dictionary states.
      It may appear that way on the outside, but Jesus was about impetus, and initiative. Who’s?
      In my understanding, repentance is about Him, not me.
      All the definitions concordance and dictionary make it about man and not Him.
      That’s exactly what the TOTKOGAE does, perceptions and understandings rest in us, not Him.

      The Tree of Life exalts all initiative towards Him, as His.
      So in all ways, His call to repentance must be about Him and not me.

      Yes, as you, I see the TOTKOGAE as our cross to bear in this realm.

      1. I also do not ascribe to the definition of repentance being “change of my mind for better”, and also agree with you that repentance is all about Him (His glory, view, opinion), not me.

        1. Glad you see it.
          It’s sad when people will say salvation is in Christ alone, but think that somehow we’re the ones who change for better or heartily amend for our sins.
          It was subtle, but poison to my mind.
          If we will seek to follow His opinion judgement and view of things we will quickly come to see,
          it really is ALL Him doing the work.
          I’m thankful to be able to come along.

          1. 🤔……I suspect that we will never cease beholding God’s glory as He lets us behold Him through eternity.
            To me that means that I will forever be repenting as I get to see our infinite God (His view, opinion, judgement)….. Who is beyond seeing completely. Hard to describe or put into words.

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