What Does Surrender Really Look Like?

What if one day you recognized that you needed to surrender all to Jesus?  

And then after spending some time pondering, considering and heeding His words to the world, you came to understand the truth of His words that apart from Me you can do nothing.  

What does surrender really look like?  🤔

So take care how you listen; for whoever has, to him more shall be given; and whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has shall be taken away from him.”  LUKE 8:18

The First Voice

Your Word spoken is upholding all things.  Washing through the soul and spirit and plunging to the depths of their division, even the joints and marrow of all humanity. 

The thoughts and intentions of the heart are laid bare and known by You. You speak first and man may inquire of You.  Your Living Water flows to an ear to hear, the pioneer for praise of the First Voice.

Yours is the First Voice. You originate all things and will bring all things back to the subjection of the Words You have spoken.  You have recorded Your Words in the Lamb’s Book of Life and You will reconcile all things to that Word in the end. 

There is nothing hidden from You.  You see the scheming of humanity as they seek to make a reputation for themselves beyond the easy yoke of repentance You have formed in them. 

Why do the nations plot as narcissists?  In love with themselves and what they think they have gained?  Seeking fame for themselves when Your Word is the Alpha and Omega. 

God’s Gap is the lacuna for the cleansing waters of Your Living Word!!  Fill the thirsty souls and mend the broken hearts.  Your Name and Your Word is exalted above all things!

Early Morning Light 3-15-19


Here is a .pdf with all the key words highlighted in color.

…preaching [a baptism of repentance] [for the forgiveness of sins]

The opening verses of Luke 3 have two wonderful strings of “word nuggets” that begin the chapter. They bring deep confirmation and insight for the pregnant question the living word brought to me in the Spring of 2016, to seek and inquire of Him, for “What He is doing right now”.  This question led me to His understanding that “I live off of His intercession in repentance”.  These two passages in Luke amplify His understanding and I will use the words of the text to bear witness to His living word spoken to me nearly three years past, as well as, this morning.

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PS 4

The word, WORD in the bible is derived of many origins, perspectives, motivations, and states of being.  Some human, most not.  Some intellectual, most not.  Though the words can be written, understanding is not available to all who can read, and though they can be heard, understanding only comes to those with ears to hear what the Spirit is saying.

If the Rhema is not sought of the Logos you are more than likely lost and without understanding. Eating and bearing the fruit of the forbidden tree.  Maybe this is a real important Ponder Stop?

I offer encouragement to WORD UP!

PS 3

Repentance and forgiveness are not the same thing.

Everyone in this world is forgiven! The Debt has been canceled!

Not everyone who has been forgiven this debt lives in repentance seeking to follow with, after and behind the intercession of the Spirit of Truth.

Exactly How Much Of This Existence, Labeled As Life, Is An Outright Lie?

8-8-18     mp3 audio

“Exactly how much of this existence, labeled as life, is an outright lie?”

This is a question the Holy Spirit posed to me while I was writing The Bridge, the 10th and final piece of a two year chronicle I was led to designate as, “The Journey“. Continue reading “Exactly How Much Of This Existence, Labeled As Life, Is An Outright Lie?”

The Bridge


THE BRIDGE Audio on Soundcloud

In music, especially western pop music, a bridge is typically a contrasting section, juxtapose the verses and chorus.  Typically the bridge of a song will carry an altered rhythm, a tempo shift, a melodic variance, a lyrical sidelight that offers a change in focus or brings reflection.  If done well, it could give a sense of pause or rest to the listener or even draw one to subtly pine or hunger for the return of the chorus, “I live off of His intercession in repentance”

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The Second Verse


THE SECOND VERSE   Audio on Soundcloud

In the early days of picking up a guitar to play, I learned two chords.  Upon mastery of those two chords I was inspired to strum a variety of rhythmic patterns between the two and suddenly like a flood, melody began to spring from my heart.  With time spent, music theory and many more chords and instruments were learned and it was off to the races writing songs, placing words in accompaniment to those melodies.  

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The Journey

These 8 communications encapsulate the last two years of the With, After and Behind life the Holy Spirit has walked me through.


I have made all of them into mp3 recording’s that can be downloaded and taken with you.  As I have been led to see, many don’t have 35 minutes to read and try to digest, but they might be able to listen while they drive, watch a sporting event or vacuum the house.  This is the link to all 8 in chronological order.  Enjoy!, THE JOURNEY.


1-8-18   Audio on Soundcloud

Welcome to this eruption of contemplation born through the voice of the one offering up continual intercession.  Who for those with an ear to hear offers a front row seat to bear witness to the mystery and intrigue He continually speaks of.  The revelation in His words birth deep consideration and understanding of the One and only eternal God and Father and His Christ. With an ear to hear these words, they become like water to the roots of pregnant expectation, like a treasure hidden in a field that is happened upon with joy.  In this unsought presentation He brings to the witness, His desire to hit the mark of His purpose in the heart, to birth a heeding and understanding of the words He speaks.  To that end He offers His supplication, begging earnestly in conversation for His audience to draw near, like a knock at the door.   

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9-30-17   Audio on Soundcloud

A little more than eighteen months ago a man was struck by the Holy Spirit like a bolt of lightning.  The simple words of His voice, “What Am I Doing Right Now?”, ignited a glorious and galvanizing blast to the spirit of the man.  It revolutionized and fundamentally transformed him with the understanding, God is not now, nor has he ever been sought, but in all ways, He seeks and leads by His Spirit with love and grace and that yoke is easy because it is for anyone with an ear to hear and a heart to follow. Continue reading “TWO TREES”

Freedom, For Freedom’s Sake

9-3-17   Audio on Soundcloud

Being still at heart and listening.  The meditation and conversation of God through the Holy Spirit is the breath to the soul that blows out crusty custom in His gusts, while depositing peace in His insight and understanding.  In the dynamism of His voice, unsolicited questions arise, as He reaches out in desire to produce unity with the Father and confirms His aspiration to complete the work He has begun.  This is the prelude and epilogue to being led to this passage on freedom and slavery. Continue reading “Freedom, For Freedom’s Sake”




WINNING (A treatise on athletics, or running the spiritual race)

Starting with the greatest winner in history Jesus, who abandoned himself to the will of the Father for the cause of reclaiming mankind for God.  He who was never subject or prisoner to circumstance is THE victory because He let nothing stop Him from completing the task of winning.

So what is winning? Continue reading “Winning”

I Am Moving You Back To The 1850’s


Before moving away from the West Coast in 2007, I heard a word in my spirit.  It came during the transition time between selling our house and buying the land where we now live.  I never wrote it down in any formal way because it just wasn’t understood until today.  I actually thought it only pertained to my family, but there is nothing like 12 years to let something soak in the spirit of a man that brings out clarity. Continue reading “I Am Moving You Back To The 1850’s”

Signs in the sun, and in the moon…

… a heads up for what is taking place this August 21, 2017 and September 23, 2017.  Truly awesome signs!!

LUKE 21:25-6  And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

These links will fill you in on many of the details.  Remember there is no such thing as a coincidence for those who follow the Sovereign God of the Universe.






Luke 21:28  And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.


WAB or CUJ (k-oŏ-əj)


Learn to speak soundbite.  It was something I heard God say in the earlier days of faith.  It was a foreshadow of today’s world of text’s and tweets given about 20 years in advance, but also useful in the moment of hearing.  Learning to be clear and concise in the articulation of any point of view or thought in a sentence or phrase is valuable any day.

Now that the whole world is speaking soundbite billions of times a day it seems we have entered into a huge downside of loosing the ability to expound on anything beyond 70 characters or find any worth in something that takes 50 times that amount to make a point.

Having already exceeded [EDIT: 1.3] 2.5 tweets to explain this, I will exercise what I was told to do while simultaneously flowing with the current culture of the byte ballet.  Here is a little soundbite for the offing.

If you W.A.B. you will not C.U.J.

TRANSLATION: With, After or Behind the leading of the Holy Spirit you will not Condemn, hold Unforgivingness or Judge.

C.U.J. (k-oŏ-əj) in God’s Gap

2-12-17  Audio on Soundcloud

For the last year, being acutely aware of the Lord’s intercession washing through and over my soul like a river. I’ve been listening in faith for His voice, for the sound of the many waters and taking solace in knowing there is only need of a response to the flow of these words. The fruits of this season have been abundant. The washing of these words over my soul have nurtured beautiful revelations and these understandings have poured into and cleansed my heart. Continue reading “C.U.J. (k-oŏ-əj) in God’s Gap”