I Am Moving You Back To The 1850’s


Before moving away from the West Coast in 2007, I heard a word in my spirit.  It came during the transition time between selling our house and buying the land where we now live.  I never wrote it down in any formal way because it just wasn’t understood until today.  I actually thought it only pertained to my family, but there is nothing like 12 years to let something soak in the spirit of a man that brings out clarity.

At that time, friends would ask, “Why on God’s green earth are you moving there?”  Sometimes without a thought I would respond with, “I don’t know, I just believe He is moving us back to the 1850’s.”  Pregnant pauses and confusion reigned on many faces back then and not surprisingly, a bemused countenance still overtakes the eye of a hearer when it is offered today.  It’s understandable, I mean who can move back in time?  And quite frankly, who would want to?  I mean no cars, no Wally World, no i-gadgets and that precious connectivity, no electricity, no indoor plumbing?  Sounds like a complete lack of cool in today’s world.  What kind of a fool would willfully want to go back to such a difficult and lifeless time as that?  And what kind of God would offer up such a declaration that any of His people might suffer under such a backwardation of societal progress?

Nevertheless, it was the word I heard in my spirit then and I have heard it repeatedly in subsequent years at varying times and degrees of regularity.

“I am moving you back to the 1850’s”.

A dozen years ago, I didn’t know enough, to know what I didn’t know.  Any honest person gets that.  I knew I had heard His voice, but I did not have a comprehensive understanding of what I was hearing.  Truth is, it just couldn’t have been fully understood until the arrival of this current season.  As stated, the first impression was it was personal, only something for my family. But now having steeped in His intercession over it, an intersection of spiritual understanding and manifesting physical reality has been realized.  I now know that the embedded understanding in the word of the 1850’s is for every follower of Christ and it is directly corollary to the Global Systemic Economic Collapse that we are in now and will feel with full effect sometime between the Autumnal Equinox and Winter Solstice.  This moving back to the 1850’s will be understood as a universal call and separation of the Bride of Christ from the world system and it’s luxuries.  Oil for the lamp should be first on the list of things to acquire in the meantime.

Having visions of a cruel God?  We do have trouble understanding His love for us and even deeper, we do struggle with the requirements that show our love for Him.

He led me to pen the words about the coming Global Systemic Economic Collapse “G.S.E.C.” in April and May of 2005.  It was just prior to the peak of the US national housing boom in June of that year.  The ensuing months brought about this word, “I am moving you back to the 1850’s”.  I have now come to understand that the G.S.E.C. and moving us back to the 1850’s are as the two edges of God’s sword of division, separation and calling out He is bringing for the purification of His Bride in these last days.  Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline; therefore be zealous and repent. Rev. 3:19

The leading edge will stem from the debt implosion, a credit event of value evaporation; the US loss of reserve currency status in the world and possibly a war or two to cover the whole malevolent plan.  The second will come due to a followers necessity to reject the “remedy” offered after men collapse their own system to offer their predetermined “solution”.  These two events are like bookends the Lord will use for the purification and separation of His Bride from this world into His coming Kingdom.  The time spent in between will mark our destiny as either the vomit of God or an invitation to sit with Him on His throne.  No irony for the lack of grey here.

Hummmm?  So what does a GSEC and moving back to the 1850’s have in common for a follower of Christ in these united States or the world for that matter?  These two separate events culminate as the finishing product for His Laodicean, last days people.  The two events together encapsulate the testing and proving of the flood of Noah, the famine of Joseph, and Malachi’s fire.  It will be a test of character, stamina, and our sense of adherence and accountability to a Holy God and the sole power of His Spirit to lead us.  This last generation, this end times people will be the first generation forced to choose between serving God and serving money. (Matt 6:24, Luke 16:13, Heb. 13:5)  Stated again, this last generation will be the first generation forced to choose between serving God and serving money.  Those who follow Him and choose wisely will inherit destitution by the worlds decree, but eternal life from the One True God.

But before that day there will come a protracted time of suffering under judgement for the wickedness of our country’s financial dealings in the world and the sins of our nation.  It will expose the week underbelly of this country and put us into a third world class.  We will live and seek to sustain ourselves in a declining opportunity, a declining resource, and a declining population.  This will be a protracted event possibly lasting years.  After this softening period their will come the “remedy”.  No follower of Christ should entertain or ingest the cure.  This will fix the Bride’s journey back to the 1850’s.

The sad news is many will die in the transition from the Global Systemic Economic Collapse to the move back to the 1850’s.  We shall also perish if we do not repent.  For those followers that don’t perish, most everything will be done within a twenty mile radius.  But not at first, that might be considered growth.  If it is outside that radius we may have to wait or find another solution.

This generation is a mimicking and mirror image of the day’s leading up to Noah’s entrance into the Ark. But these days carry an opposite mandate, one of coming out in faith not entering in.  Loving Jesus as many claim to do will require giving up life as we have known it for the life He has promised.  Life is going to change in a radical way for all people and most certainly for those who wish to continue to follow Christ.  I know we say we have already given up our lives so I’m sure we won’t mind the fire to test the metal.  Welcome to the divergence, the fork in the road in the call of Christ to, “come out from her” and “give up this life.” (Rev 18:4; Matt 10:39; 16:25; Mark 8:35 Luke 9:24; 17:33; John 12:25)

MATT 6:24 is coming to live with us in a way we are not currently prepared.  For him who has an ear to hear let Him hear what the Spirit is saying to the called out ones.

4 thoughts on “I Am Moving You Back To The 1850’s”

  1. We’re heretics in many circle, you & I. We can’t be associated with because we think on our own but our brothers that distance themselves from us see their actions as unity, unity in the institutional church of do it our way or we’ll shun you, and those that don’t know follow along a cattle on the movie Red River. I love home church and a church like **** but I won’t be silenced by an almost fascist way of thinking that if you don’t agree with pastor d you’re wrong, he’s human, Fallible, so are the closed minded clones that lead small group, that don’t think For themselves, they’re YES men to anyone in power of any church. What a disappointment dn became when he became smug to any thinking of his own.

    1. Stop trusting in man, who has but a breath in his nostrils.
      Of what account is he? Isaiah 2:22
      Love that passage!!
      Now the Holy Spirit is Lord. But not all who say they believe actively submit and seek the counsel of the Holy Spirit. I am not concerned with the opinions of men and allow no place for C.U.J in God’s Gap. The intercession of the Spirit holds out all hope for believers, let’s gather with Him in agreement and forsake the scattering of the past.

  2. Sounds like He has moved you to the same place(selah) He moved me to. And with Matt 6:24 He was able to keep me on His straight and narrow Way also.
    I am become a fool for the sake of gaining Messiah.
    Would like to compare notes with you if you would like to?
    Shalom, and blessings abundantly, Thomas Nodoubt

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