Ethnos vs. Ethnos, Jesus said it would come, but this is not His will,  NO!  Initiators of this fight are not His subjects, they do not listen for the Father and perform His will and they will be rooted out of His Kingdom.  No, this is the working of the kingdom of darkness spreading out to foment hatred, sowing tares to stir up dissension and to usher in the total rebellion against the Redeemer Christ before His return.

The counterfeit appeal trumpeted by the prince of the power of the air, for fairness, diversity and equality is a grand exclamation to unity in everything but surrender to The Holy God, the only true Unity.  In the end those who follow the prince of darkness on this path will find, “no lives matter”.  To the heavenly Father, the difference has never been your skin tone, the difference has always been your heart!  Circumcise your hearts!  Cut off the fore-skin of this world, the veil of the airwaves that obscure the light of Truth with deceiving spirits.  The lying and murderous are an ethnicity of darkness unto themselves and an enemy of the Kingdom of God.  It is an uprising against the Almighty and sometimes humanity suffers too.

Born of love, The Holy Spirit summons every ethnicity to repentance.  He leads us all to separation, to the Living God and out of this world system that is dying. He implores us to take on the new culture and nature of the Kingdom of God.  Let Him open your eyes to this deceiving scandal of lawlessness and ethnicity pitting man against man, when the true scandal is total rebellion to the voice and will of God.  There is no justice on this road and it is wide of peace.  Only “His Kingdom Matters”, but lawlessness and rebellion is in the heart of humanity.

The Kingdom of God never ends and thrives in Unity for the love of the King. Not as the world is demanding unity through race or orientation, excuses and rationalization of behaviors. His Spirit calls for separation from man’s determinations and rationalizations that do not follow the opinion, judgement and view of God.  Be divided against this sin of justification that man supplies for himself in his knowledge of good and evil.  Truth vs the lie is the sword Jesus came to bring. Do not fear man’s judgement, Jesus said all men will hate you because of me.  Only “His Kingdom Matters”, but lawlessness and rebellion is in the heart of all men, apart from the Holy Spirit’s continuous draw and baptizing fire for repentance. 

Every pocket of the carnal man holds the seeds of these tares sprouting up and their fruit will be burned in the fire.  Woe to him who builds a city with bloodshed or establishes a town by injustice.  These are the soul mates of Lucifer.  Following every evil desire in their hearts they push his blame, vial hatred and murder in cold blood.  Neither shall they inherit the Father, unless they receive His call to repent for the Kingdom at hand.  

If there is not an individual who will allow the Holy Spirit to rule them, it does not matter if they wear a badge or a stethoscope, appeal for change and tolerance, are Black, White or Green, their heart is bent on evil and they will bear it’s fruit.  Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, powers, world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.  

Stand in the power of His Spirit against this, rise up Ethnos of God.  Live for the unity of your God, in separation from the world’s hatred and rebellion and be wholly knit into a coat of many colors.  Speak to this two headed lie of man centered justice and peace.  Receive the word of His Kingdom, it is repentance from this earthly ethnocentricity for the love of the just and only Eternal King.

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