The Mark? Who’s Mark? II

I have jokingly referred to this piece on The Mark? who’s Mark? II as “An Epic Tome”. The description fits because I have never written anything like this before.

What began as a followup to it’s sister blog post on The Mark? Who’s Mark? that was inspired all the way back in September of 2020 and finally posted March of 2022, grew in ways I never imagined.

Hours and hours of prayer, deep research and study of scripture, legal and technical documents went into this one. In fact, from the time the Holy Spirit inspired me to write part 1, it has been two and a half years. Hours and hours isn’t even a sip of what has poured through me to execute the completion of this body of work.

For me, it is indeed an epic tome, 24,395 words broken out into 24 chapters. It isn’t a blog post, it’s more like a book. It’s a short book as books go, but it consumed nearly 14 months of His life in me, to see the light of day.

It is highly likely that His inspiration and driving passion to press this out of me is only going to reach a remnant church. Narrow roads and small gates, that require repentance and crucifixion of the flesh are not fashionable in today’s fellowships. But the TRUTH doesn’t care about fashion or the opinions judgements and views of humanity, He desires a loving embrace at the expense of everything else in this realm.

I have not attained, nor will I, but the javelin of His purpose has hit the mark in me and He is walking me towards His fire to be consumed. In His strength, for His will, I press on with, after and behind His voice and this warning that has come to my ears.

ALL will be caused to be given the mark. It is the fork in the road and the demarcation point of our eternal destiny. So before we enter the terminal of this existence, this question must be answered. Have you received The Mark? Who’s mark?