Rise Early With Inclination [again]


This was my first post in December of 2016. After 6 years this still holds to the #TRUTH

Rise early, incline your ear to my voice.

I speak over nations, over the souls of men, upholding all creation at my word.

I whisper redemption to the lost, extend fellowship to the undeserving and still man hates his daily bread, repentance.

I lead men in repentance and to the understanding in a broken and contrite heart.  I long for him to understand my cup then drink the sweetness of my mercy and grace.  I long for a people who will ask for the understanding, who seek for the door to the halls of wisdom and knock with importunity.  Busy, so busy is man with his own kingdom that my treasure is forfeited.

Repentance is with Me, after, and behind Me.  In it men heed and ponder, perceive with their mind and understand with their hearts.  In it I show My majesty and splendor, the all consuming fire I am.  Then I cause him to consider, then reconsider Me; to think deeply upon his state before Me so I can lead him in his brokenness to my cup.

Rise early, incline your ear to my voice.  I desire a people with an ear to hear what I speak over nations, peoples and the souls of men.

The Mark? Who’s Mark?

I can imagine when you read the title of this piece, The Mark? Who’s Mark? the first place you went in your mind was to the famed, mysterious and pivotal “mark of the beast” of Revelation 13. That’s understandable and that mark is part and parcel to this piece being written, but in the view of God, that mark is not the focal point. The center of attention here is His intercession. Because whether we know it or not, the intercession of God is like a javelin discharged from His mouth and He hits the mark in our hearts. And He does so as One who meets one or presents Himself unsought. Acts 19:2

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PS 10

Is it fair for those who proclaim Jesus Christ, who forgave all sin and then took it ALL on in His body, to demand another sinner come forward and ask for what has already been given?

Did Jesus do that?