Freedom, For Freedom’s Sake

9-3-17   Audio on Soundcloud

Being still at heart and listening.  The meditation and conversation of God through the Holy Spirit is the breath to the soul that blows out crusty custom in His gusts, while depositing peace in His insight and understanding.  In the dynamism of His voice, unsolicited questions arise, as He reaches out in desire to produce unity with the Father and confirms His aspiration to complete the work He has begun.  This is the prelude and epilogue to being led to this passage on freedom and slavery. Continue reading “Freedom, For Freedom’s Sake”




WINNING (A treatise on athletics, or running the spiritual race)

Starting with the greatest winner in history Jesus, who abandoned himself to the will of the Father for the cause of reclaiming mankind for God.  He who was never subject or prisoner to circumstance is THE victory because He let nothing stop Him from completing the task of winning.

So what is winning? Continue reading “Winning”