These are Words I have received in faith from God.  They are arranged in chronological order by date though they are not guaranteed to transpire in any particular order.  Beside each date a brief description may be offered.  Take these under advisement to pray and seek Him.  The Management assumes no responsibility for action taken or any failure to act.  You are in God’s hands.

Live by the Spirit.

Conventional wisdom is more prized than my Spirit.

Unheard word to an Institutional fellowship.

Too big and too fat.

For the sake of control, you will lie.

The Holy Spirit is Lord in the Church.

As the bride is being beheaded and crucified... As 1/3rd of...

Carnality vs. Life in the Spirit.

A sign of your need to be IN repentance.

I am found in humble submission to the leading of My Spirit.

Rise up Ethnos of God

Not called to be sexually oriented

Thinking he could make himself like the Most High


   I am moving you back to the 1850's



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