Trumpence and the Hidden Call Of God


It was given to me by God early in the election cycle that Donald J. Trump was to be the next President of these united States.  Needless to say, as I stated this fact, I was met with all kinds of reasons why God would never pick a man like Trump, yet He did.  This missive comes as an overflow of great hope and moreover a deeper need and call to the people of God to respond with understanding to His sovereign move.  There were many things wrapped up in this election cycle that quite frankly, were missed.  The winner notwithstanding.  By His unction I seek to share what I believe slipped notice and how the calling to His people has been divinely confirmed in very subtle and hidden signs.

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The Most Hated Word


There is one word that has been reviled by man since its inception as a meme into history.  For it’s exposure of the soul before a Holy God it has caused fight and flight.  This single word pierces the sheer facade of humanity exposing the heart of all.  It calls out to the believer and brute, it shows no favoritism for the sinner or the saint. The most hated word and yet our most precious gift of the Holy Spirit is repentance.

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